IT India Barcelona offers you a platform of IT Indian companies selected by means of an exhaustive homologation process so you can outsource your software development projects, IT training and backoffice services confidently and at competitive prices.

The platform will start working for your projects within a few days and will compose your staffing with great flexibility, being able to assign full time, part time and in shifts resources. Moreover, the platform will sometimes provide a coordinator  in India with a good command of Spanish language.

Our centers in India have ISO-9001, ISO-27001 certifications and high security measures which facilitate the compliance with regulations such as ISO, GDPR, ENS or SOX.


Save up to 50% on your software creation and maintenance projects¹.

We are constantly working to meet all market specialities and give a full solution to companies IT needs.
The platform has currently more than 1,200 IT engineers who will attend to your software development projects in these technologies:

Plataforma IT India Barcelona
ABAP, Adobe CS, Agile, Alfresco, Amazon AWS, Android SDK, Android Things, AngularJS, API, APPs, Arduino, Artificial intelligence, AS/400, Asana, ASP.Net, Automation, Axure, Azure, B2B, B2C, BaaN, Babel, Backbone.js, BI, Big Data, Bioinformatics, Blockchain, Blockly, Bootstrap, BOT, BPM, BPO, Backbone.js, Business Inteligence, C, C#, C++, Cassandra, Cloud, Cloudera, CMS, Cobol, Concourse, Confluence, Container, Contenta, continuous integration, CRM, Crystal Reports, CSS, CSS Grid, Cucumber, D3.js, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Visualization, DB2, Deep Learning, CSS, Delphi, DevOps, Digital marketing, Django, DLT, Docker, Dominio, Drive, Dropbox, Drupal, Dynamics CRM, e-commerce, e-Health, elasticsearch, Elgg, Elixir/Phoenix, ELK, ERP, Fin-Tech, Fiori, Flume, Frontend, Fullstack, geolocation, GitHub, Glassfish, Go, Google, GraphQL, Groovy, Hadoop, Hanna, Hazelcast, HBAse, Hibernate, Hive, Hosting, HTML, Hybrid apps, Impala, Ionic, iOS, IoT, J2EE, Java, Javascript, Jave EE, Jenkins, Jira, JMeter, Joomla, JQuery, Kanban, Kendo, Kibana, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Laravel, Linux, Machine Learning, Magento, MapReduce, Marketplace, Maven, MEAN, Microsoft Dynamics, Mobile apps, Mongo, MSSQL, Multichannel, MVC, MySQL, Native apps, Natural language, Navision, NightwatchJS, Node.js, Objective-C, Online store, OpenSourcce, Oracle, Oracle-JD EdWards, outsourcing, Payara, Payment methods, Pentaho, Perl, Phonegap, Photoshop, PHP, Pig, PL/SQL, PMBOOK, PMI, PMP, Power BI, PowerShell, Prestashop, Python, QA, Qlikview, Qt5, R, Raspberry, React, Redis, Redux, Responsive, RPA, RPG, Ruby, Rust, SaaS, Sage, Salesforce, SAP, Scala, Scratch, Scrum, ScrumBan, SDLC, Selenium, SEO/SEM, SharePoint, Shell, Smart Cities, Social Media, Software development, Software Engineering, Software solutions, Spark, Spring, SQL Server, Sugar, Swift, Symfony, Tableau, Technology, TensorFlow, TIBCO, Training, Trello, TypeScript, Typo3, UI, UX, VB.Net, Virtualization, Visual Basic, VMware, VR/AR, vTiger, Vue.JS, WCF, WDA, Web Analytics, Web scraping, WebApps, Weblogic, Webservices, WordPress, Xamarin, Zend


Our IT training is taught from India and it is aimed to companies, organizations and associations needing to educate or update their collaborators in the latest technologies.

JS Frameworks like Angular / React – Fundamentals and Advance
.Net / C# / MVC – Fundamentals and Advance
SharePoint – Fundamentals and Advance
Office 365 – Fundamentals and Advance
Cloud Fundamentals, Azure vs AWS comparison
Azure – Fundamentals and Advance
AWS – Fundamentals and Advance
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Big Data, No SQL
Micro-service Architecture
vTiger CRM
Domain Driven Design
Other tecnologies: please, contact us.

Highly experienced teachers
Customer specific courses content
Flexibility of schedules and days
Through Webex or GotoMeeting videoconference
Organized in multiple sessions of 2 hours
As of three participants
In English
Very competitive prices


These services are oriented to data entry and information processing. Our specialists optimize in time, cost and quality those administrative tasks which, althought not core, are essential for your business, such as:

Data entry
Data mining
Data for systems migration
Scanning & indexing
Document transcription
Document preparation
Integrated services (chat, email response and voice)
New leads generation
Catalogs, prices and costs
Sales orders, delivery notes
Update e-commerce, B2B / B2C
Customer invoices, supplier invoices
Manufacturing orders, job orders
Update of inventories and fixed assets
Accounting reconciliations
Cost accounting
Travel expenses, sales commissions

Tell us about your IT project or service and we will thoroughly analyze your requirements and introduce you to the specialist supplier inside our platform. You will also count on yOptimizo consultancy services in Spain for coordination and reinforcement of your resources.

Offshoring Headhunting

¹Based on own calculations & market prices.